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Pajama Sam Thunder & Lightning

Ação e aventura Casual
4 usd

Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren’t So Frightening In our latest quest we join Pajama Sam as he enters the World Wide Weather, the facility in the sky where weather is controlled all over the world. Shortly after Sam's arrival, an accident with the machine that controls all the weather in the world sends it out of control.
The weather machine end's up causing problems like snow in Saigon and sunshine in Seattle. Our brave young hero must help fix the machine and get things up and running again to bring balance to the world.
—User Reviews— “I’m sure I wouldn’t want to miss this one if I were a kid.”
“This may be tougher than the original but it is another fun Humongous product.”
“Another charming game from my past. Pajama Sam 2 has ages considerably well. The animation are vivid and the music is great.”
FEATURES: • Play again and again, New puzzles, new friends and new challenges await each time you play! • Click points reveal hundreds of hidden surprises! • Special games and activities encourage creativity, help teach spatial-relations and sharpen problem-solving skills. • Out of time? Save the game and finish it later.